We love vegan food. When we’re planning meals at the house or shopping at Fiesta for groceries we always figure a vegan side dish or two to go with our brisket, pork loin, wild boar hog or country style gator ribs.

A balanced plate is what we seek.

But the thought of sitting down to eat only side dishes and then calling it a meal? Unthinkable. We are saddened however by the loss of one of Austin’s few vegan restaurants. Iggi’s Texatarian has announced that they are shuttering. This is to be their final week of business.

Anyplace that has vegan buffalo on their menu will always have a bit of allure to us. Almost, but not quite cancelled out by their use of the word “sammich” or “sammie”.

While we always enjoy reflecting back on our vocabulary circa age 3, we quit using these words a good while ago.

We imagine Iggi’s food cart won’t be vacant for long. The mobile food business is still totally heated up here in Austin with zero signs of abating.

1104 E 6th St

Austin, TX 78702

(512) 971-4606

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