One of the last of the old timey pit bosses in the Great State.

Monroe Schubert started smoking bone-in brisket and beef sausages in downtown La Grange at Prause Meat Market way back in the 1960s. This is one of our favorite meat houses. Big stuffed animal mounts are everywhere, the smell of sizzling flesh fills the hall and the gal running the front of the house could earn a good living as a stand up comic if she ever decides to get out of the meat game.

Our inquiry as to a local swimming hole is met with a ten minute tale of woe involving small town life, the Texas heat and what to do if a water moccasin were to bite you on your ass.

We were laughing so hard we almost lost our focus on the meat.

But not quite.

Hunkered down in the back dining room of Prause’s over big plates of wet brisket and coarse sausage with a fistful of saltines is one of our favorite ways to while away a Texas afternoon.

253 W. Travis,

La Grange,

(979) 968-3259.

Open Mon-Wed & Fri 7am-5:30pm

Thur 7am-1pm,

Sat 5:30am-1pm.

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