One of the epicenters of Texas barbecue [and therefore the world] is having a brisket shoot out.

It’s not just brisket either. In the past, contestants have been known to throw some alligator and buffalo on the pit in the wild game category.

We’ve been eating a lot of gator, buffalo and wild boar hog this year so amen to that. The Taylor Texas Jaycees are holding the cook-off Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th of August 2011.

This should be a nice warm-up for Brady Texas’ International Goat Cook off Labor Day weekend.

In the past contestants have traveled from all over the United States.

No word on whether pros are allowed.

Favorite son of Taylor, John Mueller will probably be too busy slinging meat at his new joint down on South First Street in Austin to be troubled with competing in his own backyard.

Want to ignite a crate of dynamite at the cook-off? What would happen if Austin’s Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue showed up in Taylor to see about bringing home the bacon?

Categories: beef, chicken, ribs, seafood, goat, lamb and the aforementioned wild game.

For us this is a don’t miss affair as we reckon there’s something in the municipal water up in Taylor that has brought forth such legendary meat cooks as Fred Fontaine, Vencil Mares, James Davis Jr and Bobby and John Mueller.

Feeling froggy? Want to butt heads with some ol country hosses from Williamson County? The Taylor Chamber of Commerce has all the details (512) 352-6364.

Ring them up and we look forward to seeing y’all in Taylor next month.

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