In a light little piece of puffery with no byline and therefore, no one to hold accountable, CNN ranks the Earth’s 50 most delicious foods.

Texas can manage no better than number 36 but it’s no matter anyway as we make the list for our pork barbecue.

While it’s certainly true that Texas barbecue is one of the finest things you’re ever likely to put in your mouth, when we say barbecue, we mean brisket, sausage and maybe beef ribs. We’re just not that high on the hog in these parts.

The writers start at number 50 and work their way towards the number one spot but lose all credibility at number 39 when they mysteriously champion corn syrup with red food coloring [ketchup].

We recognize the life saving qualities of the red substance that people who can’t cook feed their children, we just don’t agree with it being on any top foods list.

Here’s what they have to say on Texas barbecue: “A saucy mash of chili, tomatoes, onions, pepper and various herbs gives each barbecue chef his or her own personalized zing to lay on top of perfectly prepped pig. Like the Texas sky, the options are endless.”

We like the little summation at the end.

Nice writing.

But we’ve never had “chili” laid on top of any iteration of Texas barbecue, pork or otherwise.

But brisket smothered in Texas Red? That does sound enticing. Perhaps served on a bed of Fritos.

Maybe the heathens who came up with this article are on to something.

Read the piece

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