Perhaps the only barbecue joint in Austin that serves boudin smoked as it lays astraddle the day’s briskets.

Willie’s is one of my favorite barbecue houses in town. If you’re really lucky Willie Showles, the owner will be in the house and in a loquacious mood while you enjoy your feast. He’s quite the storyteller.

For two decades running Willie’s has been serving brisket, ribs, boudin and pork ribs in East Austin.

On a recent visit the parking lot was a straight party with a big, bright green, 98 Olds belching steam from a busted radiator, trunk propped open with a crutch and Schoolly D blasting out for the throng.

We wished the hustlers gathered around were doing the robot but none would oblige.

4505 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Austin, TX


(512) 926-9340

Hours of operation


11am -8:30 pm

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