Over in East Texas my friend Amanda’s daddy is having trouble with a sounder of wild boar hogs on his farm.

It’s nothing a Winchester 30.30 can’t fix.

Which is how we came to have a pig brought into Austin for our latest effort on the big brick pit. The small hog is taken out while he is busy mowing down on a stand of sweet corn.

The high velocity round drops him in his tracks, he’s field dressed and brought up to the old farm house where he gets blocked down, wrapped and put in the freezer.

There’s only one girl on our cooking team and she decides it’s her turn to fire up the big brick pit and have a go at cooking this boar.

After 5 hours over a few hunks of old pecan, the hog is good and ready. Try as we might, the crowd of a dozen or so eaters can’t finish all the meat so we package up the rest, divvy it up and make our way to the house.

We’re always looking for an excuse to make enchiladas and with a pound or so of good wood-smoked boar hog in the fridge that’s exactly what we do.

Here’s our recipe for Smoked Wild Boar Enchiladas in Chile Arbol Sauce.


1 lb Wild Boar Hog, smoked, chopped

8 each, Chile, Arbol, dried

1 each, Giant Green Onions, bunch

2 c. Stock, Pork

1 c. Cream, Heavy, Whipping

20 each, Tortillas, Corn, from a Mexican grocery that does a brisk business to ensure freshness

1 lb, Cheese, Grated, Jack although a lot of Tex Mex cooks swear by Longhorn Cheddar

Method: Part I

* Bring pork stock to boil w/ Chile Arbol

* Simmer just below boil for 20 minutes or til chiles are softened

* Place stock and chiles in blender and run on high til chiles are totally pureed

* Add green onions, blend 10 seconds more

* Pour into saucepan, add cream, bring to boil, be careful as sauce will try to climb out of pan

* Simmer for 15 minutes or til a good thick consistency of sauce is reached

Method: Part 2

* Heat cast iron skillet on high til hot

* Using small amount of oil cook each tortilla for ten seconds per side

* Make stack of cooked tortillas

* Pour skift of creamy chile seca sauce in bottom of casserole pan [ we use a 9×14 Corning Ware]

* Roll 2 T of chopped wild boar meat into tortilla forming a tube

* Place in casserole

* Repeat til casserole is filled with little tubes of stuffed tortillas

* Pour chile seca sauce over the assemblage then top with grated cheese

* Bake at 250 degrees for 30 minutes

* Place under broiler and cook til cheese is nicely browned

This casserole really needs no side dishes but if you’re of a mind a kettle of borracho beans would pair nicely.

In the dead of Summer in Austin, Texas we drink Pearl Light like it’s going out of style

This would be a good beer to pair with these enchiladas

Help cure the pestilence of wild boars in Texas by transforming them into delicious Tex Mex cuisine

More authentic Tex Mex recipes here



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