We like our bowling alleys like we like our pool halls; rundown, dark, smoky and filled with questionable characters.

The Highball in South Austin gets part of the equation right.

They can’t be faulted for the smoky part. Once the conscience of Austin, Doug Sahm passed, we knew the city was likely to fall under control of the puritans. We were right.

The bowling alley is not terribly bright so we enjoy this aspect.

The questionable characters are of the cookie cutter variety with plentiful neck tattoos and what have you…but we doubt any of them have spent time in the pen.

As far as rundown goes The Highball veers towards opulent.

This really throws us off. A lot of money has been plowed into the facility to great effect.

It’s just not our thing.

1142 S Lamar Blvd

Austin, Texas


(512) 383-8309

hours of operation


4:30 pm – 2 am


10 am – 2 am

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