What a depressing sight Kreuz Market is these days.

What was the best barbecue in Caldwell County back in the ’90s has turned into some kind of tourist-y thunderdome of smoked meat.

We feel bad for pit boss Roy Perez who’s in charge of feeding a room that can hold nearly 700 folks at one time. He’s got a tough job when you reckon on how many thousands of people are flowing through the service line on a typical day.

When Kreuz owner Rick Schmidt decided to leave the old brick building that currently houses Smitty’s back in 1999, it was a media dustup unlike any that had been seen in the Central Texas barbecue world.

Walking into the new, gigantic, modern Kreuz fills us with a sense of unease. There’s an inverse relationship between the size of a restaurant and the quality of the food.

One that hold true at the new Kreuz.

619 N. Colorado St

Lockhart, Texas


(512) 398-2361

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