I feel like I’ve been rolled in an alley by the time I hit downtown Seguin

Hwy 90 out of Luling is jolt wagon rough with big eruptures pacing along every few hundred yards, squiggle cracks as wide as a deck of playing card wreaking havoc on the front tire of my bike and the occasional dead armadillo or coyote cluttering the roadway.

After a couple miles of biker hell I decide to punch a hole in the wind and get there twice as fast….by driving twice as fast. Coming into Seguin the city is bustling. Heavy traffic is afoot and the city has a busy vibe to it. Numerous restaurants dot the roadway as I approach Davila’s Barbecue [original location]. I make mental notes to do some research as the proximity to San Antonio and its’ ethereal food may bode well for Seguin’s Mexican and Tex Mex scene.

If it’s half as good as the barbecue at Davila’s the scene is in good stead.

The pork rib is dynamite with a bare tug pulling the meat free from the bone. A City Market like gloss paints the crispy pig meat.

The brisket is a mixed bag with some bites tender and others needing a little more time on the heat.

The sausage is some of the best I’ve sampled in Texas. Good coarse grind, plenty smoke flavor, taut casing.

A tidbit of barbecue chicken offered by the counter man is perfectly cooked.

I’m penning a feature length article on this restaurant presently but wanted to offer this as a preface.

Original location [words above]

418 W Kingsbury St

Seguin, TX 78155

(830) 379-5566

New/modern location

380 N Highway 123 Byp

Seguin, TX 78155

(830) 303-7678

all barbecue coverage here


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