We have a laundry list of why we don’t like to eat factory made tortillas when we’re at Mexican restaurants and taco carts.

The number one being that we like our money to line the coffers of the taqueras who’re working at a high level in their kitchens.

Not just tearing open a bag and calling it a day’s work. We actually started a thread on the virtue of homemade tortillas over on the Chowhound board. But ended up having to duck and cover as the vast majority of responders had apparently never had a homemade tortilla and indeed bitterly defended the lazy taqueras who prefer to get their tortillas from factories.

More’s the pity.

Now we have a new reason to not dance with the factory tortilla devil.

The US Department of Labor has come down middling hard on San Antonio tortilla stalwarts Sanitary Tortilla Co. Ltd. with proposed fines of $59,400.

The tortilla company sounds like it’s straight up fly by night when you read the laundry list of violations for which they’re being fined.

Here’s a link to the article that defines the gulag like conditions the workers were subjected to when the feds showed up for an inspection.


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