Interesting documentary from film maker Christian Remde about local chef Bryce Gilmore over on Vimeo.

Gilmore describes his journey from starting in restaurants when he was 14 all the way through culinary school and through the birth of his now legendary farm to table trailer; Odd Duck. A mystery develops at one point in the film as Kristi Willis, of Austin Farm To Table informs the viewer that Austin has 183 food trailers[!].

Could that clear factual error not have been left on the cutting room floor?

Bryce discusses the founding theory of Odd Duck, which is to buy achingly fresh, Austin area ingredients and “not mess them up”. Just season them and cook them on a wood burning grill.

Would that all Austin chefs had this as their ethos.

The chef then discusses the limitations Austin’s crazy growing seasons have put on his farm to trailer business model.

He speaks the truth.

We’ve seen beautiful tomatoes harvested in the dead of Winter and also seen big tomato plants wither and die in the Summer when the rest of the country is having tomato explosions.

Near the end of the doc Chef Gilmore declares Austin to be the “best restaurant city in Texas”.

We think that’s pretty clear.

With Chef Gilmore of Barley Swine, Chef Tyson Cole of Uchi, Chef Daniel Woodard of Dogwood, Pit Boss Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue and a host of other talented cooks in town, Austin is housing city’s five times it’s size in the great state of Texas.

These are exciting times to be an eater in Austin.

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