It’s getting so a body can’t find a decent flophouse in this old town.

When Hotel Vegas caught on fire a few months back, we knew it was all over for one of the last rent-by-hour flea bag motels on the East Side of Austin.

Like every business that’s changed hands east of I 35 in the last two years Hotel Vegas has been “reimagined and repurposed”. It’s now a resident hotel with a scenester bar [ Volstead Lounge ] attached.

In East Austin.

Who saw that one coming?

We do like that they have indoor/lounging a la Rio Rita.

The music on our visits has been remarkably tolerable too with a few New Orleans classics worked into the mix.

Speaking of New Orleans, it appears as though Hotel Vegas’ owners have paid the Crescent City a few visits as that’s clearly the vibe they’re going for.

Would that all local bar owners made the same efforts.

Hotel Vegas

1500 E 6th

Austin, TX


(512) 524-1584

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