Trudy’s, the local redoubt of non-discriminating drinkers and server of C-grade Mexican food has hit the big time.

This morning’s New York Times has a feature on their wildly overrated Mexican martini.

The syrupy sweet concoction that’s the favorite of sorority girls and their adherents gets big coverage in the paper of record.

Want to feel your blood pressure go through the roof? Have a chat with any person who’s worked at Trudy’s for more than a month or so and soon enough you’ll hear your heart hammering in your ears with a dull jackhammer like thudding.

It’s reportedly a nightmare-ish working environment.

According to company spokesman Chance Robertson, the local chain is moving 5,000 to 8,000 Mexican martinis per week.

Of course any time a cocktail has captured a city’s heart there’s bound to be a backlash.

Adam Bryan of Bar Congress, one of Austin’s new hot cocktail joints, refuses to serve the drink saying that it’s just too sweet.

Point taken.

We’ve enjoyed delicious Mexican martinis at Eddie V’s and the balcony bar at the Stephen F but Trudy’s?

We’re firmly in the Carrie Nation camp when it comes to even considering darkening their door.

NYT piece here:

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