Update: 2012 Bastille Day Party at Justine’s https://www.facebook.com/events/325555944193227/

and a look at last year’s fete:

The louche kids running Justine’s are throwing a Bastille Day party Thursday July 14th 2011.

If prior parties these animals have thrown are any indication expect copious amounts of liquor to be guzzled, loud punk rock music to be blasted and naked people to be in abundance.

Sounds like our kind of scene. We’ll sit up late tonight reading “The 120 Days of Sodom” so as to get our mind in the right place for the bacchanal.

A few facts:

Thierry Le Coz will be there with his French punk rock outfit Cran d’Arret. He’s played with everybody from Link Wray to Will Sexton so they’ve got the music covered.

Kittens with claws; French Twist will be there to get all kinds of naughty on an impromptu stage set up. These rowdy little things are good at getting everybody all charged up. I’ll put a hotlink up to one of their videos in comments below and you can see for yourself.

Like to get dressed up? Well, if you’re chosen as best dressed here’s what Justine’s has to offer: “FIRST BLOODY BEAUTIFUL PRIZE FOR BASTILLE DAY BEST EFFING DREST: A glass of whiskey ON THE HOUSE every day of your life for the rest of time at Justine’s!!!!!!!!”

Want a free glass of liquor every day for the rest of your life? Then break out your finest finery and get down at Justine’s.

No word on whether children under the age of 12 will be admitted free.

Need any more reasons to go? Read customer testimonials here:


4710 E 5th St

Austin, Texas


(512) 385-2900

Party starts at 10 pm – shifts to lord knows where at 2 am

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