We went by El Alma last night to re-take our photo from last week as it was not acceptable.

El Alma is now open, the room was full of patrons and everybody appeared to be having a good time as we stood outside the window like Dan Aykroyd in his Santa suit in Trading Places.

Here’s what we wrote before: The restaurant space that Alma Alcocer Thomas is about to open her eponymous cafe in has been a graveyard for eateries in the last few years.

When we lived in Bouldin Creek, we were fortunate to sample several different concepts in the little building overlooking Barton Springs.

None lasted more than a few months.

With the deep pockets of the El Chile group backing Alcocer-Thomas, something tells me this concept could be a hit.

Expect food from the hometown of the Mexico City native to be featured on the menu.

We were reading some bio material on the chef recently and all the familiar touchstones were broached [ studied in Paris, cooked at Jeffrey’s for eons etc ] but then, during a cooking demo filmed in the kitchen at Jeffrey’s, the chef is talking about one of her favorite dishes when she mentions “I’m like, in love with the creme fraiche.”

We love to douse everything in sight with creme fraiche and can’t wait to try out El Alma when it opens later this summer. Let’s hope she has a heavy hand with the [ lightly ] spoiled dairy at her new cafe.

Workmen were afoot in the little building last night so hopefully that signal event will be sooner than later.

El Alma

1025 Barton Springs

Austin, Texas


(512) 609-8923

“I’m like, in love with the creme fraiche”

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