Has John Mueller shifted plans with his new J Mueller BBQ restaurant?

Rumors are swirling in Austin tonight that the Shady Lane location has been shelved in favor of a higher profile, more central address.

We rolled down South First street a few minutes ago analyzing potential vacancies where a mammoth smoker could be wheeled in and a few hundred hungry patrons could be seated.

It could be a few thousand if street buzz on this new barbecue venture is any indication. We’ve had the photo vetted by our spies and they assure us that we’ve landed on the right address.

We had high hopes that Mr Mueller was going to be returning to the East Side of Austin, after all that’s where the legendary first joint was located.

But we’re always looking for excuses to go down to the Bouldin Creek neighborhood so we may have a new one in the next couple weeks.

Where are y’all going to get your barbecue in South Austin these days?

What do y’all think of J Mueller BBQ being in 78704 as opposed to the East Side?

All John Mueller coverage here: http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/search.cfm

This photo was taken at 1502 South First Street Austin Texas 78704

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