According to JC Reid, food writer for the Houston Chronicle’s website, Rudy’s Country Store is serving the finest barbecue in Space City.

He qualifies his argument extensively, probably to keep from getting lynched, like in this statement: “Rudy’s makes excellent brisket, maybe the best in Houston”

Our favorite part of the whole shebang is in the comments when one responder enjoins the reader to go to Austin and try Franklin Barbecue. He garners this response:

“There’s no reason to rub elbows with those hippies in Austin to find good BBQ. You should be ashamed.” Reid further extolls the virtues of Rudy’s due to their being open later than most mom n pop barbecue houses in Houston.

The thought of eating Rudy’s late at night is just as disgusting as the thought of eating Rudy’s at lunch….or breakfast. This virtue escapes us. Bad is bad. It doesn’t matter what time of day you’re eating it.

Here’s hoping JC Reid doesn’t go on the hunt for a delicious southern breakfast and somehow end up in a Cracker Barrel. They share many traits with Rudy’s Country Store; open late, friendly service, serving a kitschy facsimile of an authentic food tradition etc.

One’s just as bad as the other.

Reid finishes his argument with this: “But the fact is that Rudy’s is serious about smoking meat, and regional labels aside, that is what barbecue is all about.”

But is Rudy’s serious about smoking meat?

We’ve found their brisket to have very little smoke flavor, it tastes more like pot roast than a genuine brisket off the smoker of a Black’s or Sam’s.

The article really reminds us of just how good the barbecue culture is in Austin. Our lesser lights barbecue houses could move to Houston and set up shop and immediately be at the pinnacle of the city’s barbecue scene.

And perhaps dethrone Rudy’s Country Store.

Read Reid’s article here:

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