It’s a shame to watch Uptown Sports Club, the once proud Eastside venue slowly molder into the dirt.

The rumors have flown for years about why this prime location remains unoccupied but in the end it all comes down to money.

Numerous local businesses have attempted to secure a lease here but the monthly rates exceed any ability to generate profit.

One potential lessee informed us of the following: The floor is dirt, the inside needs to be completely gutted, all new electric and plumbing needs to be installed and the roof is ready to give.

We’ve heard that Curras, Chuy’s, Shady Grove and other local restaurant owners have all toured the facility….and kept right on walking.

Here’s hope that the building can be salvaged in some form or other. Even if it’s just dismantled with the bricks repurposed for other uses.

1200 e. 6th

Austin, Texas


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