Austin Texas is rife with restaurants serving huevos rancheros.

Our former favorite; La Mexicana, the 24 hour taqueria and panaderia on South First Street’s downhill slide has been so steady and frightening that we’ve had to branch out around town.

We still daydream about their $3.25 rendition from a few years back. Extra cheese, extra bacon? No charge. We’ve found some good versions (Tamale House, La Reyna, Habanero Mexican Cafe) but none could stand up to La Mexicana’s clarion version from yesteryear.

So we hit the kitchen.

The following is the fruit of a week or so of efforts to make a pluperfect huevos rancheros


1 12 oz can tomatoes, whole, peeled

1 Bunch, Onions, Green, white part, chopped, reserve green part for garnish

2 each Chiles, Jalapeno, chopped (roasted if you like)

2 each Chiles, Serrano, chopped (roasted if you like)

2 each Eggs

2 each Tortillas

Salt to taste


* Place all ingredients,except eggs, in blender

* Puree til smooth

* Pour contents of blender into saucepan that has been heated with a skift of oil

* Cook at medium heat for ten or so minutes til sauce thickens and begins to stick to pan

* Salt to taste

* Reserve

* Fry eggs in cast iron pan flipping once if so desired (we like them over medium)

* Turn onto plate

* Pour as much ranchero sauce as you like over eggs, refrigerate the rest

* Enjoy with warm tortillas

Cooking Notes:

* Grate cheese over sauce if so desired, we like queso Salvadorena or a good sharp cheddar

* Serve with warm tortillas, home fries, refried beans, crispy chopped bacon and perhaps a dollop of Mexican crema

* You may garnish with chopped green part of green onions

* If you’re so inclined you may want to substitute chipotle chile pepper for the serrano and jalapeno

Cooking time start to finish is 20 minutes


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