Down in Seguin Texas there’s a spanking new barbecue joint: Texas Choice Bar-B-Que.

These days you’ve got to have some sort of gimmick to separate yourself from the pack and owners Darrel Wilson and Johnny Fogle have come up with a good one.

Eat a 3lb burger and 2lbs of french fries and the feast is on the house. It’s a family affair at the barbecue house with Wilson’s mama, Callie Fennel, cooking up the side dishes and his two young’uns, Darrian and Darrel Jr working the serving line.

We don’t get down to Seguin to eat barbecue too often what with all the legendary houses between hither and yon like R&G in McMahan, Wilhite’s in Creedmoor and Black’s in Lockhart.

We’d love to hear from someone who’s sampled their brisket.

736 East Kingsbury Street,

Seguin, TX


(830) 386-2977

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