From the outside, the Rest Area Lounge in downtown Harlingen has a retro 1950’s lounge look to it.

From the inside it’s a rough and tumble Mexican cantina with ice cold, dirt cheap Tecates and a big group of blue collar Mexican cats drinking Bud Light, eating pork skins and shooting pool. We found it to be very appealing.

The women folk, what there are of them, are given to cheetah spotted hot pants with neon tubetops and skyscraper heels.

They rakishly saunter about while the men folk watch pro wrestling on the televisions and ritually drink beer after beer.

It’s Friday, the end of a hard work week, so who can blame them.

The air is thick with the perfume of tobacco smoke and the aroma of fried chicharrones. Los Tigres del Norte and Bronco provide the soundtrack.

A very fine way to spend an evening on the town in Harlingen Texas.

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602 W Harrison Ave

Harlingen, Texas


(956) 412-3299

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