The old school powers that be have been sitting around in Ciscos every morning planning their day’s affairs since 1948.

This is where the well heeled and well connected like to power through big plates of migas while they chart the affairs of the state or get ready to go to the courthouse for one of the big law firms in town.

Lots of wheels in this little joint. We’ve never managed to find the kitchen firing on all cylinders however.

The famous biscuits would get their cook a beating in the Deep South. Brought to the table erupting steam and fresh from the microwave doesn’t help.

Two breakfasts with coffee is right at $20 so the value is simply not there.

The Chronicle awarded them best migas in Austin but that was way back in 2002. Our last two meals there did nothing to make us want to hurry back so we can’t verify if that’s still accurate.

Cisco’s Restaurant Bakery & Bar was offered on the Austin real estate market last year at $3.8 million dollars which sounds about right in these modern times.

Perhaps the Cisneros family can hang on to it for a few more years and double that figure.

The founder of the business Rudy “Cisco” Cisneros, pictured here: passed away in 1995. By all accounts the funeral was a rowdy affair with “Cisco” being eulogized by Darrel Royal, Cactus Pryor, Ernie Mae Miller and former Austin mayor Carole Rylander.

Would that we all passed in such high style.

1511 E 6th St

Austin, Texas


(512) 478-2420

Hours of operation

Daily 7 am – 2:30 pm

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