This morning in Austin Chronicle’s food section Claudia Alarcon takes the readers on a journey through the kitchen at Threadgills circa 1984.

The gal can really write.

That’s the only way I can explain an inexplicable craving for chicken and dumplings and chicken fried steak that comes over me while reading the piece. Since Threadgill’s food only approaches edible, I’ll have to call Stallion and Galloway later today and see what’s on their daily menus.

Apparently Threadgills has a lot of able bodied workers in the kitchen.

I’d love to see them emulate the Greek run meat and threes of the Deep South and put those workers to task shucking ears of corn and stringing green beans instead of giving themselves carpal tunnel with all the heavy can opener work going on over there.

You can read the piece here:

After reading the article you may want to visit ol’ mossback as we call Threadgills #1

6416 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, Texas
(512) 451-5440

Or alternately, run by the South Austin location

301 W Riverside Dr
Austin, Texas
(512) 472-9304

Virginia Wood then takes aim at one Sonya Cote, the lady in charge of the kitchen at East Side Showroom. We’ve always enjoyed the cocktails at the restaurant but have never managed to wiggle in the two hours it takes to get fed there.

We’re wild about Cote’s new project that Woods relates to us where an animal is slaughtered and fed to city dwellers who’re then told the story of the animal’s life.

The themed dinner parties are called The Homegrown Revival. We’ll put a link up to the site in comments below.

The kickoff dinner celebrating, elulogizing and devouring a goat grown at Windy Hill Organics in Comanche Texas is September 5th 2011.

We may be goat-ed out after spending that weekend in Brady Texas at the 38th Annual International Goat Cook Off.

Hopefully one of y’all can let us know how it goes.

Woods article is here:

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