TC Perkins is calling it a day.

TC’s Lounge has closed.

The property has been sold to some Michiganders who will be reimagining and repurposing the ol girl.

We reckon owning a juke joint in Austin Texas since 1979 has taken it’s toll and it’s time for Mr. Perkins to rear back and enjoy life for awhile. Here’s hope that Mr. Perkins was not forced out.

We’ve eaten a lot of good food out of the bar top crockpots over the years: Chili, spaghetti, soups of all sorts, fixin’s for a manwich. Always free and always delicious.

The tiny kitchen was also known to put out some good fried catfish.

We love bars with gravel parking lots and TC’s is one of the last ones to have such a feature. Here’s hoping the new owners don’t pave that enormous lot.

Watching the dissolution of Austin is exhausting.

We keep expecting to hear that UT is selling the campus to the highest bidder and relocating to Round Rock.

Isn’t there a developer out there somewhere who’d like to bulldoze the Broken Spoke? And build a mixed-use, town home high-rise with a zero waste, vegan barbecue cafe on the ground floor?

Then we can just go ahead and pack it in and move somewhere not so action packed.

Any old timers out there who remember the lounges’ previous incarnation as the Lincoln Drive In?

Comments from the new owners in a hotlink below.

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