It’s with a heavy heart that I report on the closure of East Austin’s finest fried catfish house: Springhill Catfish Restaurant.

The catfish culture of Central Texas is a mite thin. While there are commercial catfish being raised in the area, the enormous fisheries that are common in Mississippi and Alabama just don’t exist in these parts. With the lack of vast amounts of catfish being raised hereabouts, there is also a lack of kids being raised on catfish.

In the Deep South the first solid food that a lot of babies eat is either fried catfish, hushpuppies or smoked pork shoulder.

It’s what we’re weaned on.

This is my theory as it relates to the closure. While there are plenty people eating catfish in Austin there is an absence of a bona fide catfish culture.

Of course if you want to support local catfish you can still visit Springhill’s other two locations:

13212 W Highway 71

Austin, Texas


(512) 263-3244

and up in Pflugerville

2505 Pecan St. W

Pflugerville, Texas

(512) 251-0159

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