The Austin American Statesman’s food critic, Mike Sutter, is calling it a day.

We’ve always had a hard time gleaning content off the Stateless’ [ as it’s known on the street ] website.

It looks like a Commodore 64 was instrumental in its design.

Mr. Sutter was a huge improvement on the former critic, Dale Rice, whose moving on to greener pastures was met with a giant yawn by Austin’s food community.

Big question: Who will replace the departing Sutter? The best writer the Statesman has had in recent years was one Moira Muldoon. Her body of work can be read here:

I have no idea what she’s up to these days but that gal could really write.

Alternately, I’d like to see the paper turn to the blogging community.

Austin’s Chowhound board has dramatically shrunk in the last few years.

To the point where I wrote a piece entitled “Will The Last Person On Austin’s Chowhound Please Turn Out The Lights”

It was removed by the unpaid volunteer moderators who destroyed the board two years ago.

But, there are three writers on the board who’re doing yeoman work to keep it alive:

1] LixLix, profile here:

2] Tom In Austin, profile here:

3] Carter B, profile here:

There are a few other notables still posting but these are the three writers who keep me coming back for Austin restaurant ephemera.

The Statesman has a chance to make a bold choice here.

While I have no doubt that they will squander it and hire an in house worker, it would be gratifying to actually look forward to picking up the Wednesday Food section instead of the current feeling of unease mixed with dread that the section brings each week.

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