Santiago, the owner of La Michoacana Meat Market has experienced great success in the past ten years. Although the regional chain opened way back in the mid 80s, it wasn’t until the dawn of the double aughts that he really found large scale success.

He’s growing his business by offering delicious, prepared foods made by the phalanx of tia’s he’s hired to run his kitchen[s] as well as stocking all the goods and sundries one might need for use in their domestic kitchen. I’m here on a test run to see how his prepared meats stack up against the recently deceased La Monita [ ].


While it’s still too early to tell, initial beta runs on loading up on barbacoa, al pastor and carnitas seem quite promising.

I’ve eaten here for years but never through the lens of “could this be my meathouse?”

Clearly, more research is warranted.

1917 East 7th Street

Austin, Texas


(512) 473-8487

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