Up in Taylor Texas, the iconic Louis Mueller barbecue has been magnetizing people from all over the globe with their pluperfect take on smoked brisket, ribs and sausage for over 60 years.

CBS, formerly known as “The Tiffany Network” has a nice video piece on Louie Mueller Barbecue up on their website.

It’s 4th of July weekend so you can expect all media outlets to do their requisite barbecue pieces with quality ranging from abysmal to approaching good.

I like the introduction to the video where the reporter opines that Texas is much more than cowboys, cattle and huge ranches. When I’ve traveled overseas and responded to queries of origin I always find it amusing when Europeans ask me if I travel via horseback and carry a shooting iron.

I always respond in the affirmative.

Wayne Mueller, a third generation member of the family comes into the frame looking like he’s spending a lot of time in the gym these days.

CBS has kindly put out a big pile of meat for Mueller to season and discuss technique over.

Mueller then gives a brief history lesson on the importance of beef in the Great State before wrestling a big brisket around for a minute giving it the signature Louie Mueller treatment of high doses of black pepper and kosher salt.

“We believe, at least from our establishment, that pepper is the 5th food group” Mueller goes on to say.

He speaks the truth. Louie Mueller brisket has the thickest crust of black pepper I’ve ever encountered in a smoke house.

When they’re firing on all cylinders they’re in the upper echelon of Central Texas Barbecue houses.

It’s nice to see an old school Texas meat house getting national recognition although the news has been out on Louie Mueller barbecue for a long, long time.

I’ve ran into tourists up there from Belgium and Australia over the years.

The fame is deserved.

Meanwhile, back in Austin, the barbecue faithful are holding their breath waiting on John Mueller from the legendary clan, to get his barbecue joint open later this month.

The bloodline of this family is comprised mainly of hardwood smoke and fire apparently as John Mueller’s former joint that shuttered 5 years ago is still spoken of in reverential tones.

Link to video in comments below.

All Mueller barbecue coverage here:


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