East Austin’s metamorphosis continues apace.

Violet Crown Social Club inhabits the room that The Iron Gate called home for several decades prior to its new and current owners .

We fondly remember one afternoon, perhaps ten years back, when we strolled in and the prior owner and her family were having a big birthday party. We ate delicious birthday cake, danced to Little Joe y la Famila and drank countless Tecates before calling it a night.

The old Iron Gate did have a bit of a shark tank feel to it on certain nights when the vaquero to senorita ratio was not favorable.

Although the Violet Crown Social Club has done an estimable job on the renovation of the building and has seen fit to put in a nice array of draft beers, we still miss the old rough and tumble days of The Iron Gate.

(512) 614-4461

Hours of operation

Mon-Fri 5 pm – 2 am

Sat-Sun 7 pm – 2 am

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