Food research often takes us far afield so when we hear El Dorado in Kingsville Texas is serving some very fine sweetbread tacos, we don’t pause, we head to Kingsville.

After all, we’re in the Rio Grande Valley doing barbacoa research and Kingsville is in the neighborhood.

The sweetbread tacos are indeed delicious but the star of the show at El Dorado is a big bowl of refried pinto beans thickened with high quality lard or manteca if you will. It’s not often that we gather up a quart of refried beans to take with us upon departure from our Mexican restaurant du jour but these are something special.

We also enjoyed a brace of carne asada taquitos and while they were not in the class of the thymus glands they were of good quality.

El Dorado is a Jalisco style taqueria situated near bustling downtown Kingsville.

When we say bustling we mean bustling.

The old brick buildings of downtown are nearly 100% occupied and the streets are teeming with shoppers.

We can’t wait to get back down to the Valley to make our way through the thriving food scene of taquerias and Mexican style barbecue houses.

704 N 14th St

Kingsville, TX


(361) 516-1459

Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat 6am-10pm

Sun 6am-2pm

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