Growing up in Kentucky the only hogs living in the wild were of the ground variety.

My uncle had a standing $5 a head bounty on them so I spent many an afternoon with a .22 long rifle out near one of the cornfields on Heifer Creek killing every one of them I came across.

These bounties made for good spending money for a farm kid who had plenty expensive habits even back then.

While the menace of a groundhog is not to be underestimated [ they can wreak havoc on a corn patch ] it is nothing compared to the problems the state of Texas is facing with the wild boar community.

They are gluttonous, there are over two million of them across the state, they travel in gangs [ called sounders ] and they destroy $400 million dollars in agriculture each year. Wild boars reproduce at a frightening rate. Sows have 5-6 piglets at a time and average 1.5 litters per year.

As one hog expert noted: “Their average litter is four to six pigs and eight survive.”

Solutions to the problem have ranged from practical [ trapping and sterilization ] to the absurd [ SHARPSHOOTERS IN HELICOPTERS !!! ].

At the end of the day one thing holds true. You can cut the population down but within a year you’re going to go through the exact process again…and again.

They are indomitable.

Over on vimeo is a video that’s not for the squeamish. It shows the killing, dressing and cooking of a wild boar.

and below, some media relevant to wild boar in Texas

Excellent wild boar article from Leggett over at the Statesman:

Nice video piece on hogs tearing up San Antonio–108530254.html

and a website devoted to feral hogs

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