After a brief, disastrous bout with vegetarianism over ten years ago [ I gained 15 pounds in a few long weeks ] I stepped back into the clearlight and embraced being the omnivore I’d been my entire life.

As a vegetarian I could not stop eating. I was never satisfied no matter how big the plate or bold the flavors.

I remember sitting on my sofa at night with a giant, steel bowl of cut up mangoes, bananas, apples, papaya….anything I could buy at the grocery store that I thought might fill me up.

After methodically consuming 3-5 pounds of chopped fruit each night I could finally get the level of fullness that I’d come to associate with the pleasures of a pork chop, a burger or a BLT. Hence the weight gain.

After I dropped vegetarianism and took a more holistic approach to food [eat everything under the sun ] the clouds went away and the foggy, fruity haze became little more than a bad memory.

Yet there are countless people living in Austin for whom vegetarianism or veganism is viewed as a viable, sustainable way of living your life.

This post is for them.

Or more accurately, the hotlink below is for them as I’m no expert on vegetarian restaurants in Austin Texas.

I know there to be a few and enough people frequent them to keep their doors open and accounts solvent.

That’s the extent of my knowledge.

But thankfully for the herbivores, there is an excellent website documenting places in Austin where they can receive enough sustenance to carry on their lives.

It’s called Vegaustin or more helpfully:

I love that they have a little symbol of a steak denoting if the restaurant serves “mock meat.”

They also wisely break our city down into neighborhoods so if you find yourself in, say, West Austin and you need a plate of tofu or wheat berries, Vegaustin has your back.

They also have a guide to vegan realtors, vegan tattoo artists, vegan firefighters and other vegans in various trades.

Head on over to Vegaustin and tell ’em sent you.

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