In 1994 some Texas cattlemen brought a herd of Akaushi cattle from Kumamoto Japan down to a ranch in Harwood about 15 miles east of Luling.

The critters were transported in a 747 jet airplane.

The cattlemen’s intent was to make this breed of animal available for eating in the United States.

Mission accomplished.

Akaushi, which means “red cow” in Japanese, is a Wagyu, which is to say a type of Japanese cattle.

They, along with the the Japanese Polled, the Japanese Shorthorn and the Kryoshi (Japanese Black), are much prized for their flesh. I’m always on the hunt for new meat sources which led me to the Heartbrand Beef Company.

Based in Yoakum Texas, Heartbrand Beef is moving some seriously expensive meat through their website.

One twelve ounce ribeye will set you back $45.

It’s enough to make a cat laugh.

Hopefully one of the readers of this site is a high roller with a love of red meat.

I’d love to hear from someone who’s tried Akaushi beef from the Heartbrand Beef Company.

Here are some pertinent links:

Company website

Press release

I’m particularly fond of the mischievous soul who had this to say on the Harwood Texas website:

“Clean-up on the eastern side of town near Harwood Cemetery is almost complete, and the State of Texas has certified that not a single carnivorous corpse has been spotted in over nine months.”

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