Texas A&M meat professors and Foodways Texas recently teamed up to host a barbecue summer camp.

Sessions included butchering as well as the science behind successful barbecuing.

Forty men and one woman signed up for the $495 three day seminar.

The eternal dilemma of what type of woods suit barbecue the best, how to make a delicious rub as well as the storied histories of some of Texas’ best, long running barbecue pits were all on the agenda. Robb Walsh, Texas most famous food writer led the sessions.

The event also included a tour of the famous Martin’s Barbecue in Bryan Texas with a demonstration by legendary pit boss Steve Kapchinskie who dished this pearl: “My father and grandfather said to me to let the wood do the cooking”.

Sage advice.

The social aspect of barbecue is also broached. That is lovely as most of my friends have come to me through the power of smoked meat in one fashion or the other. There is no finer way to spend a Texas evening than standing around a smoker, piled high with meat with everyone drinking and socializing.

As long as brisket and Pearl beer is involved everybody will be happy.

Hot guts, red meat, cold beer, surrounded by people who love the culture of barbecue.

Looks like I’ll have to pony up the $495 next year as this looks like a must attend along the lines of Brady Texas Goat Cook-off.

Great article about the event is here:


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