The Torchy’s business model has now infiltrated other taco houses.

It’s $3.52 for a desebrada taco at Papalote Taco House on South Lamar.

And in true Torchy’s fashion they do not make their own tortillas for their sub $4 tacos.

While usury is the order of the day at many taquerias in modern day Austin, note must still be made of the food itself. It’s quite good. The portion is large and the flavors are deep and well developed as though a bit of soul has went into the construction of the taco.

As a special treat, along the lines of an Eddie V’s or Four Seasons, only in the world of taquerias, I would like to visit Papalote again and sample some more of their tacos.

Perhaps a birthday, graduation or reunion with a long lost friend.

When one of those type events comes along I’d be willing to lay out Papalote Taco House’s exorbitant fees for a lone taco.

2803 S Lamar Blvd

Austin, Texas


(512) 804-2474

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