I’ve always felt good spending my money at Beerland, Rio Rita, The Grackle and Live Oak Barbecue knowing that the money was going to local boy made good Randall Stockton’s growing empire.

The empire has now contracted by one.

We enjoyed going to the Good Knight from the get go. It was small and dark and able to evoke a mood from a long since gone past. Quite a nice place to take a date on a chill Winter’s eve.

Who knows what the particulars are relevant to the closure?

East Austin is reaching total saturation of new places, all clamoring for your leisure dollar.

Dozens of bars and restaurants are elbowing each other with some offering genuine value and others merely trying to extract a bit of lucre from your pocket with a hall of smoke and mirrors.

With well equipped, empty restaurants in East Austin being extremely rare it will be interesting to see what comes along in the Good Knight’s former space.

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