Back in 1967 when Gary P. Nunn was a fresh faced kid from West Texas studying pharmacy at the University here in Austin, The Broken Spoke had already been going strong for 3 years.

That esteemed version of Austin might as well be a thousand years ago what with all the changes the city has endured since then, but Gary P. Nunn’s performance Tuesday night found the hall to still be in fine form.

Other than the Spoke not serving Pearl beer, one of the defining traits of true Texas honky tonks, we found the business to be hitting on all cylinders. I wish the glory years of the kitchen putting out world class chicken fried steaks could be revisited as a recent platter found their former status to be endangered and on life support with one foot in the grave and the other missing its cowboy boot.

Owner James White has managed to fend off the carpetbaggers that have descended on Austin these past few years but Lord knows how long he’ll be able to keep them at bay.

I highly recommend a visit to the icon before the Caterpillars are revving in the gravel parking lot.

3201 S Lamar Blvd

Austin, Texas


(512) 442-6189

Hours of operation [bar]

Tue, Wed, Thu
9 am – Midnight

Fri, Sat
9 am – 2 am

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