A wonderful grocery store filled with whatever you might need to feed the family. Imagine a Whole Foods, at half off prices and minus the neck tattoos on the staff.

The butchers don’t have their clavicles pierced and you won’t find them at the Battles show at Emos, they’re just quietly practicing a craft they’ve been at since the 1970’s.

This is where I come for the meats that most other Austin markets either don’t stock or have to special order for you. Beef Tongue, pig snoots, calves’ liver, sheep bellies, chicken feet, pig tails….the list goes on. City Market caters to the folks that like cooking the entire animal. From the nose to the tail.

I like to call their butcher and get him to cut a 24 oz ribeye for my smoker.

They also carry an array of brands I’ve never seen before or since. Their foragers are working some seriously obscure suppliers as City Market has access to provision companies I never knew existed.

I really long for the days when the stocky, middle aged Black man used to set up out front and sell grilled pork chop sandwiches for $1.50. He’d cook them on high heat, liberally dusting them with a potent seasoning blend, then paint them with this crazy hot barbecue sauce. Served on light bread they made a fine sidewalk feast.

1148 Airport Blvd

Austin, Texas


(512) 926-4011

Hours of operation

7 am – 11 pm

7 days a week

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