Bon Appetit, the national magazine that is routinely cited by barbecue lovers as THE authority on Texas brisket, has declared Franklin Barbecue the finest in the nation.

The lines that used to begin to form at 10 am to get into the restaurant are now taking shape at 9 am.

We submit the following proposal to alleviate this problem:

A gamblers sale.

From 11 am to Noon, brisket is $50 per pound. We can picture the parking lot filled with Duesenbergs and Bugatti’s, the men milling about in Raccoon skin coats smoking $100 cigars.

In the unlikely event there is any left after hour one, the price is reduced to $40 per pound from Noon to 1 pm.

From 1 pm to 2 pm the price is lowered to $30 per pound.

After 2 pm the trimming, scraps, burnt ends and whatever else is left [ perhaps the carcass of a stray possum that ventured into the smoker overnight ] is then auctioned at the starting price of $20 per pound

This will establish a brisket hierarchy unlike any Austin has ever seen.

How serious are you about your brisket?

How much money do you earn in your off-brisket world?

Are you willing to chance the prospect of not getting any brisket just because you find $50 per pound to be beyond the pale?

It’s the Tuesday Morning theory. Occasionally the towel and drapery store will put their bath sheets on sale early in the morning at 10% off, as the day goes on the discounts deepen but the chances of getting your choice of fluffy, high thread count , towels really diminishes.

Welcome to the modern world of Texas barbecue..

How good of a gambler are you?

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