Every cafe has an identity and while it’s certainly true that the standout comestibles at this tiny luncheonette are the tacos of Alma and Maria, the ladies also turn out an accomplished burger.

I go for the full hamburguesa style here with bacon, pico de gallo, queso blanco, avocado and salsa verde. The patty is the thin, flat top style so extreme garnish work is recommended. It arrives as a glorious mess straddling a piece of wax paper. The house made pico de gallo has genuine heat in the form of tiny discs of bright green serrano chiles. The scratch salsa verde is one of the better versions in town, the tomatillas providing a tart foil to the rich beef and queso.

I know I’m in the right spot when a contingent of tradesmen in hard hats show up and jostle about at the counter as they place their orders. The kitchen ladies give as good as they get and the camaraderie flows freely.

It’s a good scene.

Cafe Del Sol runs daily specials according to the whims of the two chefs. You might get enchiladas or menudo or Lord knows what. Just rest assured that it will be delicious, made from scratch and cheap, my burger was under $4.

6002 Jain Ln

Austin, Texas


(512) 583-2501

Hours of operation

8am – 3pm


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