When my best friend Lukey got a pool table I devoted myself to the game and quickly figured out it could be a good way for me to relieve some of our friends of their pocket money.

I was ten.

Those halcyon days are long gone. I sold my stick years ago and haven’t played a game in a coon’s age.

Yet I still like The Grand. Back a few years ago when it opened, the thuggish, ruggish crew that used to call it home base when it was Eric’s Billiards were basically given the heave ho.

It was real simple. To come in you had to have an id. No exceptions. Since only the most base miscreants don’t have a driver’s license or state id card that cleared out the ne’er do wells almost overnight.

The new crowd is just as rough but they’re a little less likely to stick a sharpened coat hanger in your eye like the hooker did to her pimp a stone’s throw away a couple years back.

Rough and tumble little neighborhood.

Still it has it’s charms.

4631 Airport Blvd

Austin, Texas


(512) 454-1986

Hours of operation

11 am – 2 am


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