Blacks Barbecue down in Lockhart sells 2 1/2 tons of brisket per week.

Established in 1932, Black’s claims to be the oldest joint in Texas operated by the same family. While not receiving the acclaim of its barbecue neighbors Smitty’s and Kreuz Market, Black’s just quietly rolls up its sleeves and dusts off the pretenders to the crown each day.

It’s my favorite brisket source in Central Texas.

The competition is fierce. There are a lot of places that are almost as good but the defining quality of Black’s is the consistency. It tastes the same every single time which is no small feat when you factor in all the things that can go wrong at every possible turn during the 12 or so hours it takes to transform a raw brisket into a delicious, plate-ready, piece of meat.

Watch Edgar Black, 86 years old, teach a cooking show host how to smoke a brisket.

I love the gleam in his eyes.

Update June 2017. The Cooking Channel has taken down their Edgar Black video. I’ve appended a Youtube video above from the Black family in its stead.

215 N Main St

Lockhart, Texas


(512) 398-2712

Hours of operation

10 am – 8 pm

Seven days

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