Austin’s Eater website dug up a video on Aaron Franklin demonstrating his brisket technique. It’s here:

It’s out of date [ shot during Franklin’s trailer era ] but still well worth your time.

Speaking on Aaron Franklin, Did Ted Lee really say “this guy Aaron, he’s a totally self taught pit master.” Well, discounting the fact that Franklin’s family owned a barbecue restaurant and he worked under John Mueller at the legendary Mueller barbecue on Manor Road, then yeah I guess he was self taught.

Once you discount these two facts.

For those interested you can now hire people to wait in the line for you at Franklin. The going rate is lunch for the line waiter.

Just do a search for “line waiter” + “Franklin Barbecue” and one of these gentlemen will be more than happy to oblige.

all barbecue coverage here

(512) 653-1187

Hours of operation

11 am til sold out which is frequently 11 am

Recent eaters have told me you stand a pretty good chance of getting some brisket if you’re in line by 10 am

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