At 100 feet wide, Davilla Street bisects downtown Granger Texas in high style. There’s a certain poignance to the thoroughfare. One imagines the high times that were had in this little town back when king cotton was a financial force like no other on the vast Blackland Prairie of Williamson County. While the historic Storrs Opera House has long since been torn down for an anonymous parking lot, there are plenty photos on the web for your perusal. I love to daydream about the big city acts that came to Granger to perform when the city was abustle with townfolks whose pockets were flush with cotton money.

Granger is flat beautiful in a lonesome, abandoned way. I have a love of the forlorn, particularly when it stands as a replacement for a city’s former glory.

If you have a love of history read about Ludwig Cernock, a murderous Granger resident whose tale makes some very interesting Granger folklore.

I came to Granger to eat a hamburger for my Best Hamburger in Austin series I’m penning.

Jerry’s, my destination, was closed but I spent a half hour or so riding around the little town and enjoying some very fine Texas, small town scenery.

It takes an hour to get up there from Austin.

I look forward to trying the Cotton Club and Steakhouse on my next visit.

212 E Davilla St

Granger, TX


(512) 859-0700

Hours of Operation

Friday 5 pm – Midnight

Saturday 5 pm – 1 am

Sunday 4 pm – 11 pm

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