Big news from Austin based Texas Monthly magazine.

They’ve developed an app for your smartphone that promises a host of features:

* Barbecue locator that vectors you in on the nearest barbecue

* Has all the relevant info on Texas Monthly’s Top 50 barbecue joints

* Allows you to broadcast your own discoveries

* Provides the potential to hookup with other barbecue aficionados

* Maps your Texas barbecue journey

I reckon the whole social networking thing has taken a turn towards consumption of smoked meat, friending people who also like smoked meat and maybe having a roll in the hay with a wayward smoked meat lover.

Does this mean there’s to be frantic coupling on the aptly named Shady Lane in Austin later this summer?

Let’s hope so.

It had to happen eventually. Everybody’s on the make when they’re at barbecue after all.

They’ve also rolled out a new website that is strictly devoted to barbecue here:

extensive Central Texas bbq coverage

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