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There will be plenty articles about this new restaurant. After all, John Mueller accrued legendary status with his Manor Road barbecue shop five years ago.

This status was enhanced when his disciple, one Aaron Franklin, snatched the pebble from the hand of the master and opened his own barbecue, the eponymous Franklin.

Rave reviews followed so it will be most interesting to see the lion step back into the pen with the cub for the definitive tussle.

The old master does have an ace up his sleeve: handmade beef sausage. Done in the style of the Taylor, Texas icon: Louie Mueller.

That’s a pretty good hole card. So now let’s sort out the particulars.

The nexus of any barbecue is the pit. John Mueller’s is mobile and big. In his own words “Huge!!… mobile. I will be able to fit around 30 briskets comfortably”

What kind of joint do you have without beer? A pic-nic. Mr. Mueller did not neglect this part of the business plan. “We are planning a 1st Sunday beer and bbq pairing will local breweries!”

Oh hell yeah, can you imagine Steve Anderson [ Live Oak ] showing up at the new joint with a brace of kegs and pairing them with handmade sausage links, smoked brisket and pork ribs?

Where to put the throngs of people when they show up, not a small matter as Austin is ravenous for top flight brisket. John Mueller speaks: “We will have an air conditioned pavillion and tons of outdoor seating.”

I hope when he says tons he means tons. I can picture a line snaking out the door and threading it’s way to Airport Blvd and down towards Montopolis.

I inquire as to the particulars of the menu. If this doesn’t set your mouth to watering then there is no hope for you.

Mueller: “Brisket, sausage, pork ribs, beef short ribs, turkey and pork loin everyday..”

And when I inquire as to specials he delivers the hammer: “Prime rib, pork chops, chicken, Etc”

Anybody who had the prime rib at Muellers on Manor knows this to be a world beater on par with the finest steak house offering you might ever come across.

Plastic fork tender ruby red prime with a thick crust of salt and cracked black pepper sitting in it’s own jus jus.

There will always be people that want non-meat when they’re at barbecue. I keep them in mind and get the skinny.

“Sides: beans, potato salad, cole slaw, and baked squash.. all homemade of course..”

Seems like even a vegetarian can eat good at the new joint.

A crucial part of the Central Texas barbecue puzzle has been missing for the last half decade: John Mueller.

With the blood of his forebears, the legendary Louie and Bobby flowing through him this man is about to roll up his sleeves and get back down to business.

The business of fire, smoke and meat.

And here is a current [Sept 2011] article tightening up location and particulars

1502 South First Street

Austin, Texas


All John Mueller coverage here:!/RLReevesJr

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