Whenever I get a hankering for a bowl of Texas Red I head down to Whip In. The fact that an Indian themed beer store/cafe has the best bowl of chili in town does not surprise me. It’s par for the course.

Whip In carries hundreds of beers by the bottle and can and has a respectable wall of taps for in-store consumption but the best part of Whip In is the cafe. I don’t make it by there too often but their chili could just about beat the band. It’s a big, heady bowl of slow simmered beef tips in a rich, dark sauce that could be the prodigal son of a collision betweeen Indo-Pak and Mexican cuisine. With a touch of Abilene thrown in for good measure.

1950 Hwy 35 S

Austin, Texas


(512) 442-5337

Hours of operation

10 am – 10 pm


7 days

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