It’s rare that I invoke the memory of my grandmother when I’m eating in a honky tonk. But such is the case at Moe’s Lounge.

Walking in at lunchtime the smell is invigorating. Potatoes frying, hamburgers sizzling and just a touch of Pall Malls off in the distance. It reminds me of old times…before the puritans came along in Austin and a lot of other places. Thankfully the good folks of Taylor are enlightened and have kept the doctrinaires out of their bar owners’ affairs. The sun is high in the sky and the parking lot is right at full.

A big group of men have gathered in the lounge to eat meat, drink beer, smoke and play dominoes.

Such is the way it’s always been.

Such is the way it’ll always be.

I settle down in a booth with a formica table top and plush leatherette bench seat. The bar room is nice and gloomy with just the light of beer signs casting about a warm red glow.

I take my Pearl Light and begin the hang. A group of gentleman are trying to coerce a late arrival into heading on down to Dime Box to do a little fishing but he ain’t having it.

“It’s too blame hot boys. Y’all should’ve got at me earlier”

Another man has just hired a ramrod for a ranch project. He’s excited to have a big hoss cat that he knows he can count on ’cause there’s a lot of work to be done.

My burger arrives and it’s glorious. It can barely hold itself together, so loose is the patty. It’s shaped like a cloud, totally bowed this way and that and crusted up on an ancient griddle.

It’s wonderful.

I lay back and daydream for a bit about Nellie Sullivan and the burgers she made for me when I was just a little country kid.

A big hunk of ground beef from one of the calves my uncle raised and slaughtered is barely patted out and put in a heavy, old cast iron pan with a dollop of lard. A few dashes of Accent provides all the seasoning you could ever need.

The burger at Moe’s Lounge is virtually identical. Although I’d wager that Lawry’s salt is his seasoning of choice.

A burger at Moe’s will run you $3.50. A can of Pearl Light is $1.75.

Pricing is more than fair but it’s the heady combination of atmosphere and small town hospitality that makes the little lounge such a gem

1119 North Main Street,

Taylor Texas



Hours of Operation

Grill is open nightly

Grill is also open for Saturday lunch 11am – 2 pm

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