Passing the time of day with an old timer in a honky tonk parking lot is one of my favorite things to do.

Which is what led me to heading up to Granger to try, as one 75 year old man said ” the best burger in Williamson County” I’m standing in Moe’s Lounge parking lot taking some pictures when the side door swings open and an old country hoss steps out. We exchange pleasantries and end up propping ourselves up on the back end of his pick up truck for a few minutes to talk more seriously.

About beer and where to drink it.

About who’s smoking the best barbecue in these parts.

And about burgers, the old fashioned kind you can still get in small town Texas.

Unfortunately Jerry’s is closed on this afternoon visit but I will be back with great haste.

400 North Commerce Street,

Granger Texas



Hours of Operation

Always call

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