A few years back a buddy of mine was working his way through the kitchens of Paris trying to make his mark in the world of cooking.

On a trip to Austin he wanted the best our city had to offer which meant a soul food lunch at Galloway Sandwich Shop and a crawl through our cities’ finest dive bars.

It had been awhile since I’d been to Airport Club and Grill, known locally as Airport Bar so I called them up. “What are y’alls hours?”

A deep raspy voice responded; “Who wants to know?”

We both fell out laughing and made our way with great haste to the bar where we spent the afternoon sitting around with the owner, drinking and listening with interest while he pontificated on every subject under the sun.

Back in its’ heyday this was a good little rough and tumble joint where you got searched at the door for knives and guns and sent away if your pants were too baggy or you were wearing a sideways ball cap.

Just like it should be.

They used to have a sign at the entrance that said “grownups only”.

Would that all bars had the same policy.

Sadly, Airport Bar has shuttered.

I rolled by last night for a cold one and the ol girl is padlocked good and tight.

Hopefully a new owner will take the club over and lead it into a new era.

2037 Airport Boulevard,

Austin Texas


512-499-8744 ?

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